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Coach Alex Smith Athletic Director


Thunderbird Adventist Academy has a rapidly growing and active athletics program, featuring girls volleyball, co-ed soccer, co-ed cross country, boys and girls basketball, baseball, softball, and co-ed track & field.  Our student-athletes are held to high standards of sportsmanship, respect, hard work and dedication.  We strongly believe that a strong athletic program helps produce student-athletes that are more active, have more self-esteem, and are more holistically educated and well-rounded.  Through participating in our athletics program, our student-athletes will learn important life lessons like leadership, determination, perseverance, teamwork, performing under pressure, and respect.  For more information contact Alex Smith, at 951-217-4688,



"The Goal of our Athletic Program is to build Christian Athletes to represent their school, and church in a positive way.  We want our athletes to be active in their school and eventually to be amazing leaders in their churches. "



The Boys Basketball team has 5 pillars that they are built on and are themes throughout the week of practice and weekends when we are not together.








The Girls Basketball program is headed up by Coach Alex Smith, the Athletic Director at Thunderbird Academy.


Thunderbird Storm Volleyball had a spectacular year this past season turning in a 5 year high in wins.  The girls finished out the season attending the volleyball Tournament at Pacific Union College highlighted by their "redeem" group presenting during vespers on friday night.


Our Cross Country team has been quite successful this season.  They are under the leadership of Coach Dan Schilk.  

Our season this year has been highlighted by hosting two meets for our league.  


Thunderbird Academy embraces the worldwide tradition of soccer.  Our team this year was headed up by Sergio Sanchez, a parent of a TAA student.  He was assisted by our athletic director Alex Smith and Mannie Medina, a 2015 alumni. 



Thunderbird Adventist Academy is privileged to have an acrobatics team.  We are the farthest west team in the Adventist gymnastics world.  

Our team is led by JR Thimsen.  He was on Andrews University's Gymnics team for 4 years in college.  He has been coaching at Thunderbird for 7 years.  

Each year the team has two main trips.  First is in November to the Adventist Acrofest. The second is an Acro Tour in April. 

Our season if finalized by the Homeshow in May.