Thunderbird goes beyond traditional course offerings. In addition to standard high school classes we provide honors courses and college credit options in several subject areas. Further, our private pilot and certified nursing assistant programs provide pathways for individuals interested in careers in aviation or the healthcare industry.



Thunderbird is one of a handful of high schools in the entire United States where students can take classes for their Private Pilot's Certificate. Provided by our partner, AWA, students take both the ground and flight instruction portions of their training.


Computer Technology

Computer literacy is a basic requirement of modern life. Mandatory computer classes ensure students have a solid grounding to build on.



Thunderbird offers dual-credit English classes, allowing students to begin their college experience a step ahead of their cohort.

Fine Arts

Thunderbird's music program includes choir, band, and handbell options.

Foreign Languages

In an increasingly connected world being able to communicate across cultures is a basic requirement for many professions. Foreign language classes in multiple languages provide students with options to best support their career goals.



College prep and college credit classes are both available, preparing students for the next step in their education.


Our Certified Nursing Assistant program allows students to take their Arizona State Boards and graduate as CNAs; providing them with a jump start for a variety of careers in the Healthcare industry.


Physical Education and Health

Physical development is one of Thunderbird's primary aims. Health and P.E. classes help build positive life-long habits.



In addition to four years of religious classes, Thunderbird teaches students to apply religious learning in the real world by engaging in local service projects and annual dormitory trips to help harvest and distribute food for the homeless.



A variety of science classes allow students to tailor a path that best meets their education and career goals.

Social Science


Our teachers bring the social sciences to life with explorations of the political and economic implications of past and current events.

Photography and Videography

Our photography students have received awards in national competitions.