Our Leadership

Jeff Rogers  , Principal

Jeff Rogers, Principal

Rondi Aastrup  , VP for Academic Affairs/English

Rondi Aastrup, VP for Academic Affairs/English

Tanna Allison  , VP for Advancement

Tanna Allison, VP for Advancement

Valbert Francis  , VP of Finance

Valbert Francis, VP of Finance

Our Team

Gloria Andrade  , Science/Math

Gloria Andrade, Science/Math

Ashley Bower , Assistant Girls’ Dean/ English 11 & 12

Ashley Bower, Assistant Girls’ Dean/ English 11 & 12

Donna Chang  , Financial Assistant

Donna Chang, Financial Assistant

Nathan Chipman-Bonden  , Maintenance Director

Nathan Chipman-Bonden, Maintenance Director

Mark Courtad  , Boys’ Dean/English

Mark Courtad, Boys’ Dean/English

Abi Felicano  , Food Service Director

Abi Felicano, Food Service Director

Adriel Flores , Maintenance Assistant

Adriel Flores, Maintenance Assistant

Carlos Gervasio  , Photo/Video/Yearbook

Carlos Gervasio, Photo/Video/Yearbook

Derek Heisey , Flight Instructor

Derek Heisey, Flight Instructor

Ashton Lair  , Girls’ Dean

Ashton Lair, Girls’ Dean

Marilu Quintana Lopez,  Food Service Assistant

Marilu Quintana Lopez, Food Service Assistant

Georgia Megehee , Food Service Assistant

Georgia Megehee, Food Service Assistant

Arlene Morada  , Library

Arlene Morada, Library

Oliver Morada  , History Teacher

Oliver Morada, History Teacher

Sean Morby , Bus Driver

Sean Morby, Bus Driver

Tammi Morby  , Assistant Food Service Director

Tammi Morby, Assistant Food Service Director

Sandra Mota , Food Service Assistant

Sandra Mota, Food Service Assistant

Danika Ouzounian   ,   Math Teacher

Danika Ouzounian , Math Teacher

Jacob Prosser , Assistant Boys’ Dean

Jacob Prosser, Assistant Boys’ Dean

Linda Ramirez  , Financial Assistant

Linda Ramirez, Financial Assistant

Nic Reichert  , Registrar/English 10

Nic Reichert, Registrar/English 10

Tom Reynolds  , Science Teacher

Tom Reynolds, Science Teacher

Talea Shupe  , Music Director

Talea Shupe , Music Director

Stephani Slack  , Administrative Assistant

Stephani Slack, Administrative Assistant

Alex Smith  , Athletic Director

Alex Smith, Athletic Director

Zac Surovec  , Chaplain/Bible 9 & 10

Zac Surovec, Chaplain/Bible 9 & 10

JR. Thimsen  , Language/Acro Teacher

JR. Thimsen, Language/Acro Teacher

Llaredi Tovar , Food Service Assistant

Llaredi Tovar, Food Service Assistant

Katie Turk , Assistant Girls’ Dean/English 10

Katie Turk, Assistant Girls’ Dean/English 10