Every day we strive to be as efficient and effective as we can be with the funds we have, but our goal is to go further and provide more. We want to offer more classes providing college credit, more career based certifications, and the most up-to-date STEM experience possible. And we want to do it now, to give each student as many opportunities and advantages as we can. 

You can make a difference. Please consider donating to a project, supporting a student, or assisting with the cost of Thunderbird's day-to-day operations.

THunderbird Operations

Your donations allow us to keep the school running on a day-to-day basis. They pay for things like the air conditioners used to cool our classrooms, updating the textbooks our students study, and repairing infrastructure.


Worthy Students

Please consider contributing to our scholarship funds. 98% of our students receive financial assistance. For those interested in creating a named scholarship in memoriam or as a legacy, contact our office for more information.



Interested in supporting a specific project? We want to improve our campus, implement cost saving measures, and enhance our classrooms. But we need your investment up front to make it happen. Please see the list of improvements we hope to work on over the next year, and consider investing in something that will improve our school for years to come


Arizona STO Contributions

Arizona residents have an additional option for supporting Thunderbird. While most contributions are a tax deduction, contributions to a qualified School Tuition Organization are an Arizona Tax credit. For every dollar you contribute you could reduce your tax burden by a dollar. Please see the link below for more information and consider designating funds for Thunderbird if you donate.

Learn about STOs →

Student Worker Supplement (Surwage)

Many of our students work on-campus jobs to offset their tuition. The Student Worker Supplement program allows you to pledge a dollar amount per hour they work, further reducing their tuition payments. To participate, simply fill out the form linked below and send it to the Thunderbird business office. If you don't know a worthy student, our staff will be happy to recommend one.

Student Worker Supplement →