Financial Aid Options For Tuition Costs

At Thunderbird Adventist Academy there are a number of different programs to help ease the cost of tuition. We offer Financial Aid Options and work with School Tuition Organizations to help alleviate the financial cost. You can see all of our available tuition assistance programs below.

Financial Aid Options

Helping Hands

Thunderbird offers a need-based scholarship for both dormitory and day-students. Scholarship amounts vary by income level and family size. A copy of the prior year tax return must be submitted with the application and students must work a minimum 15 hours per month to maintain their eligibility for scholarship funds.

Family Discount

Family discounts apply when there is more than one student in attendance at Thunderbird Adventist Academy from the same immediate family.

  • Two students in attendance - 5% discount per year

  • Three or more students in attendance - 10% discount per year

Conference Sponsored Summer Work Match

The school will match a student’s summer earnings up to a $1000 when a student works for a Seventh-day Adventist youth camp or other conference–sponsored summer work program, such as Literature Evangelism.

Summer Employment

There are limited summer jobs on campus available to students who live in the community. A willing worker spending 8-12 weeks working will be able to earn a substantial amount toward school expenses. Dormitories are closed during the summer months. Students desiring summer work must make their own housing arrangements



The two-way matching scholarship is available to qualifying students who attend Thunderbird Adventist Academy. Families must complete a Financial Aid Application and provide income and tax documents to apply for the discount. The two-way match program is made up of matching funds coming from the student’s home church and Thunderbird Adventist Academy. Family income, family size, dorm or village classification, and additional resources are factors considered. Funds are limited, so early application is important. This scholarship is limited to baptized members of the Arizona Conference. Students must apply at their home church.

Students must submit the Church Subsidy Form to their home church.




We believe parents should have a choice when it comes to the education of their children!

School Tuition Association of Yuma, INC.

The objective of STAY is to give the opportunity to attend a private school to more children by effectively implementing the provisions of the Arizona Private School Tuition Tax Credit.


K-12 Private School Scholarships and Tuition Assistance Program

Institute for Better Education

The Institute for Better Education supports a parent’s right to choose the best education for their child by offering all four of the Arizona state tax-credit scholarship programs.


TOPS for Kids purpose is to assist children in receiving an Arizona tuition scholarship to attend the private school of their choice.

AAA Arizona Scholarship Foundation

We make Academic Achievement Possible

AIA Scholarship Fund

Arizona International Academy scholarship fund believes that all children should have the opportunity to learn in a quality environment best suited to compliment and challenge their skills

Arizona Adventist Scholarship, Inc.

The Arizona Adventist Scholarship application should be filled out and submitted to the Business office, along with the most recent copy of Federal taxes filed. There will be four disbursements from the Scholarship throughout the course of the school year.