Make an investment that will keep on giving

The legacy of Thunderbird Adventist Academy began in 1920 with the opening of Arizona Academy. With nearly 100 years of history behind us we celebrate the foresight and vision of the founders of this school; and as we consider the possibility of another 100 years we're looking for a new generation of individuals with the foresight and vision to ensure our educational mission.

Please consider making an investment in Thunderbird's future. A dollar donated today will help a student attend school, but dollars invested in an endowment will help generation after generation of students attend school. With the assistance of the Western Adventist Foundation we can turn your support into something that will last as long as we do.

If you're interested in creating an endowment, please contact the Director of Development and Alumni Relations at (480) 948-3300.



Liz made an indelible impact on the Thunderbird Adventist Academy family while serving as registrar for four and a half years. She refused to give up on students, both loving and pushing them to see their full potential. Her legacy is one of encouragement and demonstration of the love and grace of Christ.

The Stelfox endowment was created by her family, friends, and coworkers in honor of her memory, and to carry on her legacy for years to come. The selection of a Stelfox scholar is based on the following qualities:

  • Spirituality

  • Scholastic Improvement

  • Need



A desire to share the wonder of flight has been a distinguishing characteristic of Dr. Robert Rothgeb's personality for most of his life. A pharmacist and private pilot—who worked at both Deer Valley and Kettering Hospitals—he attended Lynwood Academy, Pacific Union College, and USC. A strong supporter of Adventist Education, his children and grandchildren all attended Adventist schools and members of both generations dedicated themselves to working in Adventist Education.

The Rothgeb endowment was created to promote academic excellence and the love of aviation. The scholarship is awarded to pay for the flight time of students pursuing a private pilot’s certificate. The selection of a Rothgeb scholar is based on qualities all good pilots should embody:

  • Intellectual achievement

  • Responsibility

  • A desire to be of service