Dorm Life

Thunderbird enrolls day students from the greater Phoenix area, but we also offer a dormitory option for our international students and individuals from throughout the Southwest and other parts of the country. 


Learning responsible study habits is an integral part of being a Thunderbird dorm student; and tutoring and supporting fellow students is expected of each resident. In our most recent year 50 percent of dorm students were on the Dean's list all four quarters.


Sharing the highs, the lows, and everything in between leads to life-long relationships.



Although they make up only 29 percent of our student population, dorm students made up 63 percent of the 2016-2017 graduating class officers. 



Daily worship allows students to grow together and support each other as they explore what God means to them; and student speakers use creative exercises to illustrate concepts in ways that will be remembered for a lifetime.


Annual dorm student camping trips to the Grand Canyon are a highlight of the school year.


Commitment to public service is a key characteristic of the Thunderbird graduate. Annual trips to harvest food and distribute it to the homeless are the culmination of a dorm student's exploration of civic duty. 


For the better part of the year, the dorm is our home. Cleaning and caring for our extensively renovated dormitories teaches responsibility and a strong work ethic.

Please review the Dorm Handbook for dormitory specific rules and requirements.