Student Pledge

Each student who applies for admission to Thunderbird Adventist Academy thereby pledges to willingly observe all its regulations, maintain a positive attitude, and uphold the Christian principles upon which the school is founded.  By enrolling at Thunderbird Adventist Academy, parents agree that their student may be subject to random drug and/or alcohol screening and testing as the need arises.

Non-Discriminatory Acceptance Policy

As a secondary school operating under the jurisdiction of the Arizona Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Thunderbird Adventist Academy administers all educational and financial policies on a racially non-discriminatory basis.  Students that qualify are admitted without regard to race or ethnic origin to facilities, general activities, and scholarship programs.  The academy is not designed to meet the needs of students with serious behavioral or academic problems.

Acceptance on Academic Probation

If either the grades or the test scores are below the minimum requirement, the student may be accepted on academic probation.  Students accepted on academic probation may be limited in their class load and will have the first nine weeks to attain regular standing. Thunderbird Adventist Academy provides a regular high school academic program that is designed for those students who are able to perform at a standard academic level or above and reserves the right to ask non-performing students to withdraw.

Registration & Late Registration

Students are expected to register on the day indicated in the school calendar and begin regular classes and work at the opening of the school year. Those who must register more than two weeks late for either semester will be permitted to carry full course work only at the discretion of the Academic Standards Committee.  Courses and extracurricular activities may be limited for those enrolling late. Students who receive full credit for makeup or completion work will be expected to pay full tuition.

Documents Required on or Before Registration

All students must bring to registration and/or have on file at the Academy:
a.    Copy of the student’s social security card (Students will not be able to work without a social security number on file in the office),
b.    Birth certificate or passport,
c.    Current immunization certificate,
d.    Recent physical examination.