Dress Code Introduction

The underlying goal of the Thunderbird Adventist Academy (TAA) dress code is to create a culture for learning.  Research shows that when students wear uniforms they often times perform at higher academic levels and display better behavior.  These guidelines are not published as a moral standard of right or wrong.  They are meant to avoid distractions and help promote good decorum in the classroom. 

Clothing worn at TAA should not only be neat, clean, and modest, but also in good condition. 
Clothing should be in harmony with Christian principles. 
Dress Code applies to both dormitory students and community students while on campus and at school events. Students and parents can expect that this dress code will be enforced on campus, when traveling in school transportation to or from school, at school functions or when participating at off-campus functions.  All students are welcome to attend weekend service and activities but are required to honor the published and/or announced school dress guidelines.

As most of you know, this has been a transition year for the TAA Dress Code.   To provide you plenty of time to plan for next year, we are providing you this Dress Code packet.  In it you will find an updated Dress Code and a listing of the approved clothing for School Attire.

  Many families are worried about the cost of the updates in the uniform.  Here are the things we are doing to reduce the cost of these changes:

  • We are providing flexibility as to where approved pants, shorts, and Capri pants are purchased.  By doing this, families have a greater chance of getting clothing on sale or finding clothes from discount stores.  Most private schools that have uniforms, including SDA academies, require students to wear clothing from one uniform store and only one brand. 
  • We have purchased the TAA logo polo shirts by bulk thus reducing the cost of individual shirts.
  • We have also negotiated a reduced price for the cost of the sweaters and logo oxford shirts at a local store that has locations in Scottsdale and Glendale. 
  • There will be an opportunity for senior students to sell their uniforms to another student at the end of the year at a reduced price.

Here is a summary of the changes in school uniform this year.

  • Students will wear uniform pants, shorts, and skirts from the approved list included in the Uniform Packet.
  • Students will wear only shirts and sweaters with the TAA logo.
  • Students may wear a jacket outside, then remove the jacket while inside.   Sweatshirts and hoodies are not school attire.

Work Attire

School attire guidelines apply while at work.  Students employed in certain departments may be required to have specific dress and shoe guidelines.

Special Occasions

Dress guidelines apply for banquets, and other special events.  Administration will provide additional guidelines prior to these occasions. The administration reserves the right to make the final decision regarding appropriateness of attire. Students not properly attired will be asked to change and may not be permitted to enter the banquet. See a SA Sponsor ahead of time if you have any questions about the dress code. 

Violations to Dress Code

Violations will result in progressive discipline:  a warning, parent contacted, and a detention served by the student, and a parent meeting and/or student suspension.  Further violations will be considered defiance and will result in the request for withdrawal.  Each step in the process will require that the student make the needed correction in attire prior to being allowed back in the classroom.  Since it is a student choice to be out of uniform, teachers will not provide make-up work or make-up teaching for students who are out of class for uniform violations.