Thunderbird Adventist Academy is a safe, Christ-centered educational community that promotes spiritual growth, academic excellence, social maturity, and healthful living.

Once located in the middle of the desert many miles from town, Thunderbird Adventist Academy is now an oasis of green grass and citrus trees in the middle of Scottsdale, Arizona. Scottsdale is an upscale suburb of Phoenix—the nation’s sixth largest city—and is known for its unlimited shopping opportunities, challenging golf courses, family-friendly parks, and fantastic restaurants in the midst of the desert Southwest.

In 1900, the Arizona Conference of Seventh-day Adventists established an elementary school in Phoenix, Arizona. After several years, it developed into an intermediate school. As the membership of the conference grew, the student enrollment of the school increased until the need for an academy was strongly felt. Originally named Arizona Academy, the school began in 1920 when six acres of land were purchased northeast of Phoenix. That summer, two dormitories were constructed with space for classrooms in the basements and first floors of these buildings.

Our vision is to EXCEL:

  • EXperience Jesus (spiritual growth)
  • Communicate clearly & think critically (academic excellence)
  • Embrace service & citizenship (social maturity)
  • Live healthfully in body and mind (healthful living)

Thunderbird Adventist Academy believes in the uniqueness and value of the individual and is committed to challenging each student to:

  • Experience a personal relationship with Christ that permeates every aspect of their life, and learn to share that relationship;
  • Understand the teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and identify their distinctive role within its mission;
  • Recognize God as their Creator, and care responsibly for their body;
  • Develop physical skills and an interest in achieving life-long optimal, vibrant health;
  • Experience successful social interaction through a positive self-worth based on their identity as a child of God;
  • Assume greater personal responsibility as members of a family unit and society;
  • Learn to communicate effectively by word and action.