You will need to provide your own Bible, linens (bedding, towels, etc.), waste basket, plate, bowl, cup, silverware, laundry basket, detergent, cleaning supplies, clock, desk lamp, personal items, and room decorations.

Any items depicting alcohol, drugs, tobacco, violent or evil themes, candles or incense, televisions, media players, electronic games, inappropriate music, weapons of any kind, jewelry, nails and hammers, caffeinated beverages, and any and all illegal items and any item the deans consider inappropriate for a Christian dorm environment.

Appliances such as hot plates, coffee makers, electric fry pans and (oil) popcorn poppers are not permitted because of fire and grease damage. Iron burns in the room carpet will result in student being responsible to replace the carpet. Any of the above mentioned items will be confiscated by the Dean.

Any food in a student’s room must be kept in metal or sealed plastic containers at all times to discourage unwanted insects and rodents. Flesh foods and caffeinated drinks are not to be brought into the residence hall. Students are not to bring food or drinks into the residence hall for the purpose of selling it. If desired, you may order pizza at certain times. No meat toppings.

1. Your room needs to reflect Christian standards. No posters promoting alcohol or tobacco. No bizarre, lewd, or suggestive pictures.
2. Please don’t hang anything on the outside of your door
3. Please don’t use hooks with adhesive (or anything with adhesive)
4. No bumper stickers on doors, walls, mirrors, windows or furniture.
5. Nothing may be suspended from the ceiling.
6. Nothing may be displayed on or covering windows, including flags.